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Another Meetup board games group is starting… with a twist

There are many Meetup groups for adults interested in board games but those joining the new (and only) Chester group launching next week by staff at the Storyhouse may find a common theme connecting the games – science! This group has been started with support from the Games Research Network, following a day of training organised by the Institute of Physics for non-scientist community group leaders interested in the possibility of using games with their audiences to raise science capital, a concept used to understand why some people don’t believe science is something they should or can be part of. read more

Serious games: Game of Resilience

Serious games which exceed pure entertainment goals and are designed for education purposes are becoming more and more popular to “convey ideas and values” (Frasca 2007). Learning in this way is based on experiences, turning a passive consumer into an active player, who seeks and engages with information voluntarily (Ouariachi et al. 2017). read more

Multiplatform 2017 – Call for Papers

A one-day symposium on interdisciplinary research in games and gaming

The Salutation, Higher Chatham St

Manchester UK

21 June 2017

The Games Research Network announces the call for participation at its symposium, Multiplatform 2017, to be held on 21 June 2017 at The Salutation and hosted by Manchester Metropolitan University.

The Games Research Network brings together academics and researchers, industry professionals, games designers and players with the aim of supporting and promoting research into games and gaming from a range of angles and across a range of media. Multiplatform in terms of both media and method, this symposium sets out to explore the transmedial nature of games and games research. read more