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Paolo Ruffino: Inhuman(e) Gaming: Video Games for Earthly Survival

Date: 24th October 2018

Time: 14:00-16:00

Location: MMU, Geoffrey Manton Building. GM302


In this talk I look at the emergence of forms of automation within digital gaming, self-playing games, games made and/or played by artificial intelligence systems, games played by ghosts and non-living matter. I contextualise these experiments as part of the excitement and exasperation for, and as premediation of, the mass extinction of life from Planet Earth. I focus on incremental and idle games, as examples of ‘grotesque economies’ (Giddings, 2018), and as both inhuman and inhumane forms of play (an expression borrowed from Braidotti, 2013). I look at these examples as possible companions in our struggle for earthly survival.


Paolo Ruffino is Senior Lecturer in Media Studies in College of Arts at the University of Lincoln. He has been researching and publishing in the areas of video game culture, media arts and media studies. His interests include independent forms of video game development, archaeologies of games, hacking, modding and practices of modification of video game software, gamification and the Quantified Self. Paolo is the author of Future Gaming: Creative Interventions in Video Game Culture (Goldsmiths Press), and has been the co-editor of the volume Rethinking Gamification (Meson Press), an issue of journal GAME on video game subcultures, and of a special issue of Games and Culture on the early work of Roger Caillois.

If you would like to attend please email Chloé Germaine Buckley ( If you have any specific access needs please do let us know.


“Migrations” – A Special Exhibition from Miskatonic University

Start date: 1st August 2018

End date: 2nd August 2018

Location: Manchester Met Special Collections

A horror-themed live action role-playing event as part of the Gothic Manchester Festival 2018.

Serious Gaming and Games Based Learning

Date: 2nd June 2018

Time: 16:00-17:00

Location: Birmingham NEC

How much can you learn from a game? Can educational games be fun? Our panel of experts from across Higher Education, Secondary Education and Business discuss the benefits and drawbacks of using games in teaching and learning.

GRN and the Institute of Physics at the Bluedot Festival

Date: 20th July 2018

Time: 14:00-14:40 & 14:50-15:30

Location: Macclesfield

The Games Research Network are joining the Institute of Physics at the Bluedot Festival in Macclesfield in July. Come and take part in this fully interactive workshop that is suitable for all the family and for all ages. Play games and learn about the physics behind what makes them fun!

GRN and Institute of Physics at WOMAD: The World’s Festival

Start date: 28th July 2018

End date: 29th July 2018

The Games Research Network are joining the Institute of Physics at Womad: The World's Festival in Charlton Park, Wiltshire in July. We'll be running sessions on Saturday 28th  at 13.00 and on the Sunday 29th at 15.00 and invite families to and join us to play games and talk about Newton. Yes, really...


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