Our general meetings take place every other Wednesday, and we welcome interested gamers, games designers, developers, and academics to join us. Space is limited so please do contact us before travelling (send an email to Paul Wake & Sam Illingworth). These sessions also present the opportunity to playtest games in development; if you are developing a game and would like it to be playtested by a group of experienced academic gamers then please do let us know.


Date: 13th December 2017

Time: 13:00 - 15:00

Location: Geoffrey Manton building 307

Get paid for your time! Volunteer for Interface, The Fischer Institute’s new research project

Interface is our exciting new psychological research programme, which focuses on investigating aspects of group psychology, participation and inter-personal interaction. Building on years of research in this area, the Fischer Institute believes that further study of human social interaction in a variety of group participation situations will lead to important discoveries about the psychology of social structures and institutions.

Come along to this session to find out more and sign up.

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