We meet every other Wednesday, alternating between lunchtime and evening sessions at The Salutation. We welcome interested gamers, games designers, developers, and academics to join us.

Our lunchtime sessions present the opportunity to playtest games in development; if you are developing a game and would like the opportunity to have it playtested by a group of experienced academic gamers then please to send an email to Paul Wake & Sam Illingworth.

Summer Term, 2017

19 April 2017. The Salutation, 1-3pm. Playtest – Choose Your Own Researcher Adventure

3 May 2017. The Salutation, 5-7pm. Playtest – Gloom of Kilforth 

17 May 2017. The Salutation,  5-7pm. Playtest – 1066, Tears to Many Mothers

31 May 2017. The Salutation, 6-8pm. Session with Playfuel

21 June 2017. The Salutation, 9am-5pm. Multiplatform 2017 

12-14 July. Brooks Building, Playful Learning Conference 2017


Past Meetings