A book club  focussed on play in adulthood from different disciplinary perspectives has been set up by one of the members of the Network, Professor Nic Whitton.  The book club aims to meet up once every two months in Manchester to discuss the current book, and thoughts around play and games in general. There is normally the opportunity for a cheeky tipple afterwards as well.


There are only two rules of book club

  1. You do not have to read the book, but if you don’t you must pretend that you have and see if anyone catches you out.
  2. You can talk about book club, but don’t do it too much otherwise people might judge you and give you funny looks.

If you would like to attend in person, or have any suggestions for future books, please get in touch with Nic.

Current Book 

Critical Play: Radical Game Design by Mary Flanagan

Past Books

Theory of Fun for Game Design by Raph Koster

The Grasshopper by Bernard Suits

Finite and Infinite Games by James P. Carse

Play Anything by Ian Bogost

Play Matters by Miguel Sicart

The Well-Played Game by Bernie de Koven

Connected Gaming by Yasmin Kafai