About Us

The Games Research Network (GRN) was established at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2016 as an interdisciplinary research group for academics and professionals working on gaming and play. Our focus is on both analogue and digital games, and the intersection between the two. Details of our current activities can be found on our calendar.


Network Objectives:

  • To support and advance interdisciplinary research into games and play, in particular that at the intersection of the analogue and the digital.
  • To stimulate and support new research, with an emphasis on postgraduate work. This is achieved through collaboration on projects, by making available relevant expertise, support in publication, and the sharing of academic and industry contacts. We recognise that this activity benefits all members of the network.
  • To engage the public in our research, and to work to ensure that the voices of our various communities are heard in the development of our future projects. We do this through a series of public-facing events and workshops, publications in both the mainstream and academic presses, and through our website and blog.
  • To promote engagement with a wide range of communities of academics, games designers, and players. We do this through outreach activities that seek to support those from traditionally marginalised communities working on/with games, developing work on diversity within game studies, and by engaging with scholars working on issues such as race, gender, and ability in areas outside of game studies with the aim of recognising the intersectionality of participants in our work.
  • To engage with the games industry, through collaborations on research projects, game design, teaching, funding bids, training events and workshops.
  • We aim to make our resources freely available to all, and subscribe to Manchester Metropolitan University’s Open Access policy with regards to our research and publications.

We invite those working in the games industry and academics currently researching games and play to join us. If you are interested in joining us, or in finding out more about our work, please send an email to games.research.network@gmail.com.


Inclusivity Statement

The Games Research Network is committed to supporting games researchers regardless of age, race, nationality, socioeconomic status, gender identity, sex, sexuality, ability, body, or ethnic origin. We believe that games studies, and the games industry, is held back when these voices are marginalized. We aim to build a culture in which fairness and inclusion are a fundamental part of everything that we do, and in which diversity is valued and celebrated. We subscribe to Manchester Metropolitan University’s statement on equality and diversity, which can be read in full here.

Where we arrange events our aim is to ensure that they are accessible to all. Arrangements will be made in an awareness that people have a diverse range of needs due to ability, chronic health issues, or neurodiversity. We are aware that we won’t always get everything right and welcome feedback at games.research.network@gmail.com.