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Book Review: Digital Games as History

Digital Games as History: How Videogames Represent the Past and Offer Access to Historical Practice

By Adam Chapman

Routledge, 2016. ISBN: 9781138841628

In this timely and provocative work, Adam Chapman argues ‘for the serious consideration of the nature and possibilities of digital games as a historical form’ (p. 265). It is timely because the massive popularity of digital historical games means that they are now one of the most significant forms of public engagement with the past, surpassing academic and popular history texts, visits to museums or heritage sites and participation in re-enactments and rivalling the consumption of film and historical fiction. It is provocative because this text is aimed as squarely at academic historians as it is at scholars of Game Studies, yet it demands of its readers a rather uncritical acceptance of the conceits and fallacies of postmodernist critiques of History as an academic discipline. read more

CFP: Board Game Studies Colloquium XX

Here’s a Call for Papers that might be of interest to network members:

Board Game Studies Colloquium XX: Models, Metaphors, Meanings at The University of Copenhagen, Denmark (17-20 May, 2017)

The Board Game Studies Colloquium is an annual event which gathers a wide range of scholars, curators, inventors, collectors, and enthusiasts from around the world to present and discuss new research in the burgeoning field of game studies. It has traditionally focused on historical board, card, and dice games, but later years have begun to feel the impact from the current explosion in non-digital gaming. This year, too, we would like to welcome speakers from both sides of the game board, so to speak, in an attempt to further our collective understanding of the origins and development of contemporary games. read more

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