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Month: December 2016

MDP in Internet and Game Studies

Sometimes, when I come across this type of advert, I can’t help but exhale a deep and dramtic sigh to an invisible and uncaring audience in the room, thinking, ‘where were YOU when I was thinking about what subjects to take at Uni?’. Millennials get to have all the fun. Not fair. Anyway, interesting to know this kind of stuff is out there. read more

Exploring Transactional Nature of Language and Knowledge with Mysterium

Whenever I tell people about Mysterium I say ‘its Cluedo but you can talk to the ghost of the deceased.’ Which gets them interested but isn’t actually a particularly good metaphor for what really happens when you play the game. However, the use of clumsy metaphors is a good metaphor for playing Mysterium. If that makes sense… read more

Historia Ludens – A one-day conference on gaming and history, University of Huddersfield (11 Feb 2017)

Members of the network may be interested in the Historia Ludens conference at the University of Huddersfield (11 Feb 2017):

This conference follows up on the workshop “Playing with History” that has been held in November 2015 in Huddersfield. Gaming and History is gaining more and more traction, either as means to “gamify” history education or museum experiences, or as computer games as prism into history like the popular History Respawned podcast series ( read more

Playtest: Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

At our last lunchtime meeting we were lucky enough to host a playtest of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, a new game developed by colleagues in Manchester Met’s Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching. Ellie Hannan and Charles Neame, the game’s designers, joined us at The Salutation to show us a prototype of the game which sees players create, and defend fictional research projects. read more

Event: ‘The Arcade Club’ on Tour

Members of the games research network may be interested in this pop-up event coming to Future Artists’ Honest Coffee in Salford:

Fans of Retro Arcades and Fans of Virtual Reality get ready!

Arcade Club ‘On Tour’ brings together a curated selection of gaming machines, ranging from original retro arcade machines (many of which are very rare!) and imported home entertainment games consoles to handheld video games like the Gameboy and the classic systems that you grew up with. read more