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Month: October 2016 (page 1 of 2)

Job opportunity RMIT University Melbourne

RMIT University Melbourne are advertising for a Senior Lecturer in Games design. This is from their advert in the THES:

The role

As Senior Lecturer, you will be experienced in the provision of innovative and effective leadership in a tertiary education setting and will demonstrate the ability to work collaboratively and develop innovative Games curriculum and educational programs. You will play a leadership role in the development of a learning and teaching culture of practice and high quality research within the School. The appointee will be expected to take on the leadership role of Program Manager for a fixed period. read more

Dead of Winter: After Action

This month’s game was Isaac Vega and Jon Gilmour’s Dead of Winter (2014), a game I’d chosen as the first of our ‘big’ game evenings.The game sees players take on the roles of the survivors of a zombie apocalypse, fighting for survival in a desolate urban landscape. In keeping with the currently-dominant principles of the zombie-genre (think The Walking Dead) its human protagonists find themselves battling both the living and the dead, working together to protect their colony while pursuing their own, often contradictory, agendas. In short, this is achieved by the use of asymmetrical victory conditions that require players to work towards both common and personal goals (unless there’s a betrayer amongst them, and that’s always a possibility). As such, Plaid Hat’s semi-cooperative horror fest seemed to be the perfect game with which to launch the group, trading on the insecurities of our as-yet unformed real-world relationships. read more

Munchkin (The Salutation, 26th October 2016)

This lunchtime session will be devoted to Munchkin, the card game by Steve Jackson Games. This is a game for 3-6 players which is a humorous and light-hearted dungeon adventure game. People have described Munchkin as a ‘gateway drug’ into the more hardcore realms of games such Dungeons and Dragons, but it is also just a very fun game to play, and can end up taking between 1 and 2 hours, depending on how canny your opponents are feeling! read more

Teaching engineering though video games

An event that might be of interest to group members:

Diarmid Campbell (Cambridge University, Engineering Department) is giving a talk on teaching engineering through video games at UCL’s Knowledge Lab on October 19th. Full details here.

PhD Opportunity – Copenhagen

Perhaps some of our readers might be interested in the following funding opportunity for PhD in Game Semiotics, working with Espen Aarseth in Copenhagen. Here’s the email that Espen sent out with details of how to apply:

Dear Colleague,
As part of the team I am putting together for my ERC Advanced Grant project, MSG — Making Sense of Games, I am looking for a PhD student with excellent training in narrative theory and/or semiotics, and a keen interest in game hermeneutics. This is a salaried, three-year Scandinavian-style PhD fellowship, working language English, and the candidate must relocate to Copenhagen.
The call text and application form can be found here; the deadline is Oct 25th. Applicants must already have completed their MA thesis.
Thanks for your attention, and best wishes,
Espen Aarseth, Head of Research, Center for Computer Games Research, IT University of Copenhagen.
read more

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